Ambassador Page


If you are reading this then you have been accepted into the la venné Ambassador program! You are one of the selected few. 


The Perks :) 

  • Whenever we launch a new collection or a product you will be first in line to get the product for free! 
  • We work to set up local professional photoshoots in your area. (This is usual for our top ambassadors) 
  • Getting featured,  Please send your pictures to your brand manager for an opportunity to be featured on our main page.
  • Custom referral code.  5% to 25% 
  • Earn Venné Coins when someone uses your code to purchase something on 




Venné Coins = 

10 Venné Coins = 

30 Venné Coins =  + $50  Gift card to our store 

50 Venné Coins = +

100 Venné Coins =  + $101 Gift gard to our store 

500 Venné Coins = Fully paid a trip to Paris and professional photoshoot!



Our Ambassadors are going crazy about this part of the perks

Note** You can use your own discount code as well every time you purchase using it it is also considered as a point!  The more purchases the more points :) 

We will be making a leaderboard so you can see where you are compared to other ambassadors. 



To maintain an ambassador status with La venné there are a few things you need to meet. 

Your brand manager will be meeting with you on a weekly bases to see how things are going and how you can improve.

1.  When getting a free product from us you will need to post a picture with the product and post it in both your main Instagram feed and story.

2.  Your bio should mention that you are a proud ambassador with 


If you have any questions please ask your brand manager,  They will be able to assist you with any questions you may have.